Product Evolution

Our History



Interactive Business Systems was founded in 1977 by a group of hospital pharmacists and software engineers. The Company's initial product offering, a drug distribution and control system called Mini-Pharm, was installed that year, and continued to be a very successful product through 1989.



Then, in the late 1980's IBS management decided to move the product to a PC platform in the form of the enhanced product, PC-Pharm. From 1990 through 1999, IBS expanded its client network significantly, both domestically and in the international market, with PC-Pharm.



The company's fourth-generation hospital-pharmacy system, WinPharmSQL, while derived from PC-Pharm, is a total rewrite of the system, allowing the pharmacists and engineers to fully utilize all of the experience gained from over 20 years of pharmacy system development and support, without being constrained by yesterday's design limitations. The first WinPharm systems were installed in 1999, and have proved to be reliable and very easy to learn by hospital pharmacists and technicians.



Today's WinPharm is operational at approximately 100 hospitals world-wide in local and internet hosted environments, is multi-lingual, and provides for both inpatient and outpatient operations. It provides the functionality required for compliance with statutory regulations and qualification for the pharmacy aspect of "meaningful use".


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