WinPharm - Basic Functions

•     Admission/Discharge/Transfer/Archiving
•     Order Entry and Profiles, with Lab Results,Treatments, Diets, etc.
•     Order Templates/Standing Orders
•     Automatic Calculation of Doses Due
•     Support for Unit-Dose/Bulk Meds, IVs, TPNs
•     Med and IV Fill Lists By Ward
•     Transaction Logging with History
•     User-Defined Charge Algorithims
•     J-CODE Support
•     Automatic Formulary Repricing
•     Flexible MAR System - Daily or Multiday-Paper or Optionally Electronic
•     Physician Renewal Lists for ASOs
•     Floorstock System with Par Levels
•     Full Inventory System with Automated Ordering and Receiving
•     Interdepartmental Accounting
•     Current and Historical DURs
•     Multi-Level Security Access
•     Choose from Hundreds of Layouts for Reports, MARs and Labels
•     Download updates from our website
•     Online help system
•     Optional Satellite Inventory
•     HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
•     Full Support for Canadian Hospitals
•     Multi-lingual
•     Optional Physician Order Entry Interface to your EHR
•     Optional EMAR Module
•     Optional Outpatient Module
•     Optional Full Integration with your EHR


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