WinPharm - Client Testimonials

"Our hospital has been a WinPharm user for 21 years. I have worked with many software companies over the years and have always been so impressed by the IBS WinPharm customer service. If you work with other software companies you will understand how important customer service is. If I email or call, I can expect a nearly immediate reply. The company has always strived to help in whatever may arise and stays on top of things as to what is happening in pharmacy. IBS often does unique requests that may only affect your facility and not the others they have. This individual service has been useful too. In essense, I have been a very satisfied WinPharm user. "

Diane Dady, RPh
Director of Pharmacy
Mobridge Regional Hospital



Interactive Business Systems

IBS is the oldest provider of hospital pharmacy systems with an unsurpassed reputation among clients for support, service and customer responsiveness.